Nic is the scheme manager of the Robin Hood multi-operator, multi-modal ticketing scheme and chair of the Robin Hood Operator Group. 

This role involves being an independent third party overseeing technical deliverables and managing the Council/operator relationship. It also involves developing future strategies for developing the Robin Hood scheme to include c.EMV and account-based ticketing.   

Nic recently managed a governance review of the Merseytravel multi operator travel scheme. This involved:

  • Benchmarking the Merseytravel scheme against other multi operator ticketing schemes in the UK

  • Review of the Merseytravel scheme, identifying areas for improvement I relation to revenue apportionment, scheme rules and scheme administration

  • Preparation of scheme accounts for 2019-20 to be shared with all participating operators

  • Preparation of a new scheme agreement that set out current practices and was sufficiently flexible to be updated to reflect future changes

On behalf of TfWM (under sub-contract to Unicard) Nic supported the Swift ITSO Account Based Ticketing Feasibility Study. This involved the:

  • Development of alternative revenue apportionment approaches

  • Development of a commercial model for ITSO ABT

  • Development of a risk model